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At C.A. Walker Construction, we understand that clients entrust the company with an integral part of their success and therefore, expect C.A. Walker to perform. Years of experience have equipped C.A. Walker Construction with the knowledge and insight to develop projects on schedule and within budget. Our growth and success is a testament to our capacity to deliver. We are confident in our ability to provide value engineering and service levels unparalleled in the construction industry.

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Monday - Thursday 7am - 4pm

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1543 Silber Road
Houston, Texas 77055

mail to: P.O. Box 19067
Houston, Texas 77224

tel. (713) 956-7070 | fax (713) 957-3358


“I have had the pleasure of working with Chris and Tommy Walker on several projects and have had nothing but a great experience with them and their team. C.A. Walker has delivered on time and within budget and has provided a professional work environment on our sites. Based on my experience with C.A. Walker Construction, I have enjoyed working with them and hope to work with them in the future as our development continues.”
— Travis Walla, NewQuest Properties